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Devin is Seven

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Our second born turned mommy’s favorite number today. 7.

He was sweet even in the womb. No one could hold this child, but his mother the first two years of his life for long. He refused to take a bottle so all of his mother’s pumped milk went to another baby in need. He was doing one of his favorite things before he even knew it: helping others.

(first image by Sarah Bridgeman)

Sweet Devin feels deeply and he doesn’t hide it. He tells his mommy and daddy that he loves them at least five times a day accompanied by lots of kisses and hugs. He is quick to encourage and cuddle up to those he cares about.

Devin loves to tinker and help his daddy. He tells him it’s his favorite thing to do with him. He has his daddy's numerate and mechanical mind, always analyzing how things are made and why they work the way they do.

He is loyal to his brothers. By Liam, he defends and supports.

By Connor, he guides and protects.

He has been given the gift of his father’s magical eyes. He loves to hear the story about how hie daddy’s eyes captivated his mommy’s heart.

There is a great understanding for Devin of the heart of God. He surprises his parents when he brings up deep theological and spiritual things about him. His budding relationship with Jesus is precious to witness.

Devin is a gift. His tenderness melts the hearts of the people around him. If one passes to listen to him as he processes out loud, they are delighted.

Happy 7th Birthday to our master tree climbin’, animal lovin’, math whizzin’, beach lovin’, fast growin’, handsome Devin. We love you more than we could ever express.

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