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Hello, We Are Ralph and Courtney Campbell!

We are a husband and wife on mission. We believe that we have been brought together to accomplish a far greater purpose than we could ever execute apart. Some of those purposes are to encourage, inspire, and share what God has taught us in our sixteen years of marriage.


Another shared purpose is in raising our three uncivilized cavemen. It consumes much of our lives, as we homeschool and do our best to make every moment possible, a teachable one.

That means that most things in our life take longer and that writing or video we started might not be finished for another week…or month…or year.

We, of course, have our own interests as well. Some of Ralph's consist of homesteading, playing with tools of all kinds, pursuing financial freedom, self-education, and being at home with his family. Courtney loves singing for Jesus, photography, videography, baking, writing, gardening, and making her own natural products.


We envision an organic montage of writings and videos, prompted and led by God. This is His to do with it as He sees fit. Our hope, motivation, and prayer for you is that you will leave this website feeling as though you were visiting us at our home and are changed not because of our own doing, but because God used us to draw you closer to Him.

We are just broken, but willing vessels.

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Ralph and Courtney

Established in 2007

Founders of Simply Campbell
The Crazy Campbell Clan
The Uncivilized Cavemen

Expanded in 2012

Completed in 2019

The Inspiration
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