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Every Hair on Your Head; Bible Time With Mommy
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Every Hair on Your Head; Bible Time With Mommy

As mentioned in our post “Homeschooling at The Campbell’s” (, this is the most important thing that we do with our boys. Very few days go by without us getting in the word together somehow, someway. Sometimes it’s done as a whole family, other times it’s just with me. Sometimes it’s when we are in the car, before bed, at the park, at the table, or on the beach. I don’t care where it happens as long as it happens. I don’t even care if the boys are doing something like playing with Lego’s or drawing while they listen. As long as I can see their faces and they are not making noise, I am good. We have even acted out some of the stories. I do my best to let God lead this time with them. We have been reading straight through the Bible typically only one chapter at a time for the past couple of years. We are currently on Ezekiel and the boys love it. There is so much for them to imagine. I have also used The Action Bible by David Cook for reference (Liam loves that one), The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sarah Lloyd James was a fav of Devin’s (He had the entire “Tower of Babel” story memorized), and lately we have been going through “Jesus Calling for Kids” by Sarah Young. That is what I’ll be reading in this video. I value this time so much that I can feel downright angry sometimes when I am interrupted from sharing something that is crucial for them to hear and understand. I do my best to extend grace, but I also want them to understand as they get older that this time is sacred. I pray that they grow up to value it, too. I have documented many of these times at home over the years, but I wanted to share one of our recent ones. I did not edit this other than the start and end. I really wanted people to get a feel for what these times are like. Our boys are so full of energy, as you will see, but they are listening. Some of the things that come out of their mouths as we converse is proof of it. I am so encouraged by their growth in the Lord already. Even little Connor is soaking it in memorizing Bible verses right along side of us. Both Liam and Devin have asked Jesus to come into their hearts. Nothing makes me happier than that fact!! Despite all of the growth that I see in their faith and in the Word, I will continue to guard this time with my boys like a Mama Bear guards her cubs. I am no fool to the enemies tactics.
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