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That's My Man (Happy Father's Day)

(Candid's are my favorite. No worrying about the background. Just quickly grab the camera and capture the moment!)

He doesn't need to hear a "Happy Father's Day," nor does he care to. The less noticed he is, the better for him. But if you pay close attention, there is much to be gained by him.

He dies to himself daily for his family. Legos, swim, hide and seek, read books; the list of requests is endless. There are a lot of things that he likes to do or wishes he could do, but he rarely does them. His time with his family always comes first and it has from day one.

He's seen and experienced enough for himself to know

that his greatest investment is in his family.

I'd rather my boys have their father fully present like he is than be in a big house, nice car,

fancy clothes, and whatever else this world tries to convince me that I "need."

Though I try to emphasize it to them often,

our children have no idea how blessed they are,

but they will one day.

"The righteous man walks in his integrity. His children are blessed after him." Proverbs 20:7

That's my man.

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Jun 19, 2022

What a great reminder. THAT is a true definition of a man, one that can deny himself on many occasions for the betterment of others. In this case, it's for his own precious children's enjoyment and pleasure. Such timely advice. Thank you for sharing! The picture captures it all. Thank you for encouraging us on this day to celebrate our men. Love to your family!


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