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"Peace" cover by We The Kingdom

Updated: Jun 16

This is the last recording that I have with my dear friend Heaven before our move to Florida. My song choice was very intentional. Ralph had already started his new job five weeks prior so I was single parenting it. We also had back to back covid sweep through the house and I was trying to pack up our entire house. We moved twelve days later.

When Heaven came over that night to play the song, she had this great idea of trying to incorporate John 16:33. As always, we worked as best as we could with the limited time we had, and I with my limited physical and emotional strength.

Though this isn’t my favorite recording (we are our own worst critics), I will treasure it. This was an extremely hectic time in my life and I am glad that I still paused to do what brought me my greatest peace. And I am grateful that my faithful friend was willing to stay till after 10:30 at night to play!

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