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A Timely Encouragement

Updated: Jun 10

This is part of our Faith Journey Series. If you want the full context, click on this link to read the earlier posts:

We left off when Ralph attended the Tradeway stock trading weekend and took a big step of faith to invest in it having the long term goal of it replacing his income.

There were still two other Life Surge weekend events to attend. One was for real estate investing and the other online business. We decided to skip the real estate one knowing that there would be another program offered. We knew that we didn’t want to go in the direction of real estate investing yet.

Honestly, we were beginning to wonder if we should even go to the online business weekend that was coming up. Ralph was working full time and in trading school while I was managing our blog, my photography business, and homeschooling. Should we add something else to our plates?

About a month after Life Surge, I decided to check my email hoping to see something from one of the people we had given our letter to at LifeSurge. My heart jumped in surprise when I saw a message from Priscilla Shirer. I eagerly opened the email and this is what it said:

“Ralph and Courtney,

I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to write me a letter and give it to me at Life Surge several weeks ago. I apologize for the delay in responding. Your website, blog and shop are beautiful. And, more than that, the intentional way in which you are seeking to point people to Jesus boldly is so needed right now. I applaud you and celebrate the path you have chosen for your ministry/business. In the letter, you mentioned that you want to be "time wealthy". Goodness, that is so important - especially in your current season of raising those three amazing boys! I am going to be praying that God will give you both supernatural strategies and connections to help make that happen so that you can pursue His purposes and prioritize each other, your sons and His calling on your lives. In terms of advice, I would recommend that you connect with Shane Sams’ business. Do you remember him from the conference? In my opinion, he has the most practical and helpful insights for people who are seeking to build their online business. I know that he and his wife are a wealth of information in that regard. I hope that they can be a great source for you. God bless you both and those sweet boys. I celebrate that fact that you are pursuing the life that you want and the purpose for which you were created.


Priscilla Shirer"

I was elated and honored. Of all the people in the world to interact with and out of all of the things Priscilla could have been doing, she chose to connect with us. Yes, I wrote her first, but I truly didn't expect a response. I had only hoped. I can't even imagine how many emails, letters, and messages she has to read and yet, she chose us.

Priscilla's words to us were so encouraging and heartfelt. I value words and often replay what people say to me. The belief that Ralph should be home was confirmed even more through Priscilla's email to us. She understood and was in agreement that this was a good direction to go in!

I thought, "well shoot if Prisiclla Shirer is suggesting that we go to this online business event, then we would be pretty foolish to ignore her advice when I had asked her for it in the first place. That woman had a lot better things to do with her time than read my letter, check out our new blog, and write out such a well thought out email."

Not so coincidentally, my sister, Danielle and niece, Sami were in town during the weekend of the event hosted by Shane Sams, the man that Priscilla Shirer was referring to in her email. We didn't have to worry about finding child care for those couple of days. We knew had to go. This was clearly God appointed.

Our spirits had been renewed. We are grateful for how God used Priscilla. There were eleven days before the online business event and we were looking forward to seeing what else God wanted to show us. We were ready. :)

P.S. If you don't know who Priscilla Shirer is, I encourage you to look her up. She has an incredible gift of communicating God's Word. She also stumbled (successfully) into film making. Her FIRST movie, War Room grossed $74 million worldwide, including $67.8 million domestically to become the 7th highest-grossing Christian film in the United States. She has a thriving ministry called Going Beyond and great bible studies. I did Armor of God and learned so much from it. That's how I first knew who she was. Her website is

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