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A Boy Named Liam (Happy 10th Birthday)

"A Boy Named Liam"

There once was a boy named Liam

Surely you must know ‘em

He may be a little shy at first

But, it won’t take long

before that’s reversed

He is kind to all

Big and small

Bumpy or slimy

Furry or shiny

Young or old

Silver or gold

English, Polish, Spanish

He’ll play with you

He will not banish

He’s as smart as can be

Knew his A,B,C’S before he was three

But, don’t say the word “school”

For he’ll run like a fool

“No bookwork for me!

Let me just be free!

I don’t want to do school!

All I want is to swim in the pool!”



Sanity unraveler



Obnoxious noise maker

Have you seen his drawings?

They pile to the ceilings

How about his stop motions?

Their sure to cause a commotion

Reptiles, insects, birds or mammals

He can tame all kinds of animals

He covers the floor with Legos

Mountains as high as the windows

His collection just grows and grows

You can never have enough I suppose

He prefers reading a book

Over helping mom cook

He’s a loving big brother

Making proud his father and mother

He sings as sweet as a bird

To think otherwise would be absurd

He has Jesus in his heart

And that’s a really great start

To have a life of peace and joy

It’s a gift to know that as a boy

Always laughin’

Always smilin’

Always ninja stylin’

There once was a boy named Liam

Once you meet ‘em, you won’t forget ‘em

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1 Comment

Ted Viator II
Ted Viator II
Mar 02, 2023

This is Liam to a "T" !! Love it!😋

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