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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I join even if I am not someone who would define myself as a follower of Jesus?

Absolutely. Just know that there is a heavy emphasis on that as we use him as our example.


Can I quit anytime?

Of course. No one is going to make you stay in the group. Everyone will have different reasons for joining, staying, and leaving. We understand that life circumstances can change very quickly.


I am not comfortable with sharing my name for personal reasons,

but I still want to be a part of the community. Can I use an alias?

Yes. We understand that not everyone wants to put themselves out there, but sees the value in being in a group. You are totally fine with keeping your identity private. We respect that.


Do you allow LGBTQ marriages to be a part of this community?

We believe that marriage is to be between a biological man and a biological woman. This community is not where we come to debate on that. If you are in an LGBTQ marriage and are curious about this community, you are welcome to check it out. God could be trying to do something in your life. However, we hold to the belief that God created man and woman to be with each other only.

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