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Finding Simple Joys

Updated: Jun 16

In a world with so much stuff going on, do you ever stop to enjoy simple things? We are so connected to our phones that never leave our side. Music, talk shows, podcasts, television. We are constantly around noise!

It’s healthy to take a break from the noise and just be present in what’s going on around you. If you don’t believe me, try turning all of that stuff off and walk outside. Look around at the creation we live in. There is so much to observe and that can give you new perspectives.

A perfect example is sitting in a tree stand during deer season. Waiting on the deer to show up gives you time to reflect and observe. Watching squirrels run around looking for food is actually pretty entertaining.

Have a heron fly over the top of you and not realize it was coming in for a landing until it’s in front of you! How can such a big bird be so quiet? God’s world is curious and inspiring. To watch birds fly gives you a good idea of how man came up with planes.

The sad part to this technology that we have now is that many don’t take time to take in this beautiful creation we live in. My advice is to go outside. Go for a walk. If you have a family, take them with you. Point out to your kids the cool things in nature. See what happens when you do.

Kids can have so much fun with the little things. It’s really amazing. Helpful tip for all: Start looking at the world through the lens of children!

Unplug and go outside!

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